Call for projects 2018/2019 season: Noise, Silence, What Now

For its first season of activity, N gallery invites musicians, artists, scientists, scholars and creators across diverse disciplines to submit their proposals for projects to be presented during the season October 2018 – June 2019.  It is desirable that the proposed projects explore the theme Noise, Silence, What Now.  Traditionally, silence and noise are thought of as two ends belonging to the same continuum, naturally leading us to think of them as a dipole.  However, the redefinition and blurring of the boundaries of these concepts – whether pertaining to sound, image, data, society, architecture, environmental and urban factors – is a fertile ground for the making of new concepts and creations, for problem posing and solutions.  Works and proposals of all formats that the gallery is able to host, are welcome.
Deadline for submissions: October 15, 2018

Types of projects: small – scale exhibitions and performances, workshops, screenings, lectures etc

Funding is not available. Participants will have to cover their travel/accommodation and other expenses

N gallery provides the space and its available equipment upon agreement

Size of available space: approx. 80 m2